Our Organization

MetroLINK strives to provide the Quad Cities with more transportation choices and the latest in technological innovation. Through Transit Oriented Development, MetroLINK helps empower citizens to live multi-modal lifestyles and extends their access and mobility across the urban landscape. Sustainable land-use planning ensures that our decisions today do not negatively affect future generations’ abilities to enjoy and utilize precious natural resources. By improving transit services, MetroLINK is advancing economic development and creating a more livable, healthy, and strengthened Quad Cities.

MetroLINK is keenly focused on six strategies to guide our efforts:

  • Implement new and redesigned services to better meet the needs of customers and our community; utilize technology, innovation and investments for exception service delivery
  • Enhance, upgrade, and construct new infrastructure that reflects a professional image and attracts new customers; improved operational efficiently through technological and infrastructure maintenance and upgrades
  • Communicate transit’s value as a catalyst for future growth and development, both economically and socially; expand transportation network to include untapped regions
  • Create a positive image through community outreach, media relations, education, corporate image, customer satisfaction, and ridership enhancement.
  • Provide solid management of investment resources to fully support the achievement of our goals and objectives; maximize the allocation of our resources
  • Develop key training modules for improved customer service; enhance safety and security of all employees and customers 

MetroLINK's "Vision for the Future" Document