Metro Rider Resources

  1. How to Ride

    Get tips to make the Metro experience more enjoyable for both you and your fellow riders.

  2. Safety & Security

    Learn about the many safety and security measures Metro has put in place to ensure that you have a comfortable ride.

  3. Winter Weather

    During winter weather emergencies, Metro has implemented standard route modifications based on the condition of area roadways. Learn about what detours to expect for your route.

  1. ADA Paratransit

    Although the Metro fixed-route system is entirely accessible to individuals with disabilities, some individuals may be functionally unable to ride fixed-route. In these cases, Metro offers ADA paratransit service. Learn about eligibility and scheduling trips.

  2. Lost & Found

    Have you lost an item on a Metro bus? Get contact information on how to retrieve it.

  3. Submit Questions & Feedback

    Metro is continually working to improve the rider experience. Submit questions or feedback to our staff.