Metro School & Peak Hour Schedules

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Based on decisions for the 2020-21 school year, please note that Metro's School & Peak Hour Schedules are subject to change. To stay updated on how your service may be affected and what we're doing to keep you safe, regularly check in with our COVID-19 updates.

Metro offers school and peak hour service to education centers within the Moline and Rock Island-Milan School Districts. Information for specific schools is available via the below tabs. School and peak hour service does not operate when schools are not in session. 
  1. Moline Elementary Schools
  2. Moline Middle Schools
  3. Moline High School
  4. Rock Island Elementary Schools
  5. Rock Island Middle Schools
  6. Rock Island High School
  7. Other Schools
Butterworth Elementary
Route 62 PM

Franklin Elementary
Route 52 AM
Route 52 PM

Hamilton Elementary
Route 72 AM
Route 72 PM

Jane Addams Elementary
Route 38 AM
Route 38 PM

Lincoln-Irving Elementary
Route 72 AM
Route 72 PM

Logan Elementary
Route 34 AM
Route 34 PM

Roosevelt Elementary
Route 54 AM

Willard Elementary

The Moline Township offers a bus ticket program for low-income families to assist with K-12 student transportation to and from school. View the below documents to learn more about the program: